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About Perfect Fit Injection - Top Rated Custom Plastic Injection Moulding in Canada



At Perfect Fit Injection, we are committed to one way of doing business in the industry that we serve: we obtain the finest human and natural resources available and work to deliver world-class products and services.

Perfect Fit Industries is based in Calgary, Alberta, and specializes in custom plastic injection moulding.

We also offer design, engineering, and tool-building services if our customers need them.

Our reputation as a company that can meet and exceed expectations has been built through years of trusted operation, and we continue to uphold this level of quality with everything we do.

By choosing us, you should expect the absolute best in customer satisfaction and product quality, thanks to our Quality Management System and our focus on efficiency.

While keeping current with our equipment and combining our vast experience and individualized approach to lean manufacturing times, we not only excel at delivering on time but also achieve competitive pricing. With Perfect Fit you will always get the best value from our services no matter what kind of job you need us to do.

Perfect Fit Injection also ensures our employees are cared for and our work environment always stays safe. To better serve our customers means to be a responsible corporate citizen, and we strive to be a shining example of this every day.


With Perfect Fit Injection, all your injection moulding needs will be met. Your projects will be made with quality and efficiency in mind. Using the latest technologies available and the highest level of care, Perfect Fit Injection offers the perfect solution for any plastic injection project.


Our focus on delivering the highest level of product quality to our clients is second to none. Our seasoned team has the skills and experience to deliver beyond your expectations.


Our commitment quality control processes ensure quality is maintained throughout every project.


We know that better quality means happier customers, and we want you to be happy every time you work with us.


We understand the need for timely and efficient scheduling. Your deadlines are just as important as the products themselves! Perfect Fit takes this into account with every project we are involved in.


Ensuring production requirements are met and deadlines are optimized is what we aim to achieve when you work with us. High quality products and timeliness starts somewhere, and with us, it starts at production scheduling.


High quality products often mean longer production and transit times. With Perfect Fit, we alleviate this stress by building onshore so that you don’t have to freight your products half-way across the globe.


Your lead times will be dramatically reduced, allowing you to get your hands on your products sooner. The probability of transit damaging or losing your products will become a non-factor, giving you peace of mind and even saving on costs. With our Just-In-Time (JIT) deliveries, inventory turnover will become a breeze.


As a company that desires to stay as green as possible, we utilize our equipment and processes to minimize environmental waste as much as possible. By working with us, not only will you be receiving the highest quality products and incredible turnaround times, you will also be participating in an environmentally conscious manufacturing process.

Product Design & IP Protection

With Perfect Fit, we want to help expand your ideas and bring them closer to fruition.


Our team of industry veterans will be able to assist you every step of the way to make sure your design can reach the level of success you are looking for.


You will have access to our resources and our input as you work with us. We want to see your ideas come to life so that you can not only own the product itself but the sense of pride that comes along with it.

Productivity &

With years of experience, we have had the time to evolve and improve our processes. But this doesn’t mean we stop innovating.


Every day, project, or client is an opportunity for us to grow and improve. This means that no matter when you work with us, you will always have us at our best and most efficient. You don’t get where we are today without an eye for continuous improvement.

We support most types of plastics


Rigid PVC . Flexible PVC . Vinyl Wrapped PVC Foam . TPE . TPV . Santoprene . ABS . Polypropylene . Polycarbonate . Nylon . Polyethylene - low/high density . Urethane . E.V.A . Acrylic . ASA . Alcryn . Engineered resins . Composite resins .


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