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We'll make your moulds a Perfect Fit for your projects

Mould Modification Service

Change Your Plastic Injection Moulds

As your business evolves, the parts required will follow suit. Perfect Fit Injection offers mould modification services to ensure your plastic injection moulds are exactly what your project needs.

Our mould modification services are an affordable method to alter the design of your moulds without having to start fresh. Our experienced team will guarantee that any alterations are done to your specifications to deliver absolute satisfaction!



You might be asking yourself whether you should modify your mould. We are here to guide you on your decision! While modifications are cost effective, there are limitations to what can be modified. Here are some examples of changes you can make to your mould:

Expanding Part Geometry

Removing metal from an existing mould will allow you to expand the size of a part or increasing the thickness of walls.

Adding Smaller Parts

Small parts can be installed to your mould with a shut-off separating it from the original cavity.

Core Replacement

Replacing the core keeps the original mould design in tact and changes to small parts (such as threading) can be tweaked.


We offer mould modifications alongside setting up brand new moulds. If you are looking to modify a mould you already have created, check our mould modification services.

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