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Why Choose Perfect Fit Injection

Highest Quality Plastic Injection

Since 1993, Perfect Fit Injection has been delivering top quality Plastic Injection Moulding services to our North American customers. As a full service firm, our supply chain is focused on completing your projects on time and on budget.

Quality Plastic Injection from PerfectFit

Award Winning Service

Perfect Fit Injection is a proud recipient of the 2021 Haworth 0-100 Award. This is only given to companies who achieve zero-quality defects while providing fast and reliable service to clients.


Tailored To You

Does your project need something specific? We can supply it! We offer a wide range of product solutions with a versatile selection of materials to help make the entire process simple.


With years of experience, we've been able to serve our customers and build a reputation that is built on exceeding expectations. Choosing Perfect Fit Injection means you value customer service and product quality.

Material Specialists

Perfect Fit Injection is committed to bringing the best materials to all of the industries we serve. Our vast experience allows us to find the finest human made and natural resources available to deliver world-class products straight into your hands.

We believe that customer satisfaction comes first when it comes to your plastic injection projects. With our ability to access the best materials possible, we can deliver on this belief and offer our customers a wide range of options to help design complex products with exceptional quality.

Questions or Concerns?

Supporting All Types of Plastics


Rigid PVC . Flexible PVC . TPE . TPV . ABS . Polypropylene . Polyethylene - low density . Plus Many Other Plastics.

The Industries We Serve

Windows and Doors

Oil & Gas

Construction Materials


Decks & Railings

New Construction & Renovation

Zero Defects

At Perfect Fit Injection, we take zero-defect manufacturing seriously. Our highly efficient control system ensures that every part we manufacture for our customers is optimized for repeated output and fast turn-around.


Our precise manufacturing methods make it so that you never have to be concerned about defects. Expect to see high-quality products with every project you complete with us.

We Can't Wait To Get Started
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